Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Welcome to Tiny Treasures Exchange!


This exchange group will be limited to 100 members. You are not required to join each exchange but because the projects will be small, it is hoped that our members will decide to participate in most of them.


Each exchange will have a particular finish, such as: scissor fob, scissor case, needle case, pinkeep, biscornu, pincushion, floss tag, etc. There are enough finishing variations in each of these categories to accommodate every ones finishing abilities, from novice to expert. Please keep in mind, you may be partnered with someone with more or less stitching and finishing ability than yourself, but as long as everyone does their best and sends out a piece that they would be happy to receive themselves, everyone should enjoy both the giving and the receiving!

Each project must be completely finished and ready to use.

Please use linen or evenweave fabric (your choice of color) rather than Aida. I love stitching on Aida as much as I do linen but it is harder to finish it smoothly in small projects like these. If you absolutely can't stitch on linen or evenweave for some reason, please let me know - I will confirm with your exchange partner that they will not mind receiving a piece stitched on Aida.

You have free choice of fibers used - specialty threads, metallics, silks, over-dyes, cotton floss, etc., etc.

Additional embellishments are allowed - buttons, beads, charms, ribbons, etc.

In addition to the specified finishing style, some exchanges may have a theme as well - such as a specific designer or design style. This will be decided by the answers to polls posted on the blog.


Because all members may not wish to participate in every exchange, you will need to sign-up for each individual exchange. Send an email with the name of the exchange you are signing up for in the subject line.


You will not receive from the same person you are mailing to – this adds to the fun when your package arrives and you discover who your sender is! Please keep your partner's name a secret until they receive their exchange from you.


You may mail anytime within one week before the mailing deadline, but no earlier (unless your package is being mailed internationally - which may require extra delivery time.) Please post a brief entry to the Tiny Treasures Exchange blog when your exchange is mailed but do not reveal your partner's identity or location. Remember to put a note or card inside your package with your name and email address so your partner will know who it came from.

If for some reason you are really unable to meet the deadline, please contact me so we can determine if other arrangements need to be made or if it will just be a short delay. It is very important that everyone fulfill their commitments so no one is disappointed - everyone that sends an exchange will receive an exchange. If you do not fulfill your commitment or make other arrangements with me on an exchange, you will not be allowed to participate in another exchange until your previous commitment is met.


This exchange allows for ONE item in addition to the stitched piece and a postcard or photo of the sender's vicinity. Please keep in mind though, we want to keep costs down for this exchange so please limit the extra item to something small and inexpensive and pertaining to stitching - a packet of needles, a favorite specialty thread, a small chart, etc. Remember, this is an extra, and is not required to participate in the exchanges.


Because this is an international exchange group, please refrain from stitching designs with holiday, political, religious or nationalistic themes. It would be so disappointing for someone to receive a carefully stitched and finished item that they would not be comfortable using because the design may be unacceptable to the receiver's religious beliefs, etc.

You may want to check out your partner’s blog (if they have one) to get an idea of their likes and dislikes. If you don't have a blog of your own, you are welcome to post your preferences on the Tiny Treasures Exchange blog.


When you receive your exchange package, please post an entry on the Tiny Treasures Exchange blog to let me and your partner know that your exchange was received, even if you haven't had a chance to take pictures of it yet. If you have your partner's email address you might also send a quick email to let them know it arrived safely. I'm always on pins and needles waiting to know if the package I mailed has arrived and if the recipient is pleased with it. Please post a photo of the exchange you receive as soon as possible – we are all anxious to see the finished projects! If you are unable to post photos, check with your exchange partner, they may be able to post one for you. Hopefully everyone will remember to take photos of their finished piece before they mail it off!


Sign-ups for new exchanges will be taken for two weeks after the announcement is made. That will give us approximately six weeks for the stitching and mailing and keep us on an every other month mailing schedule.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me. This will be the first exchange group I have moderated, so I am happy to hear any suggestions that will contribute to its success. I want everyone to enjoy the experience whether they are new exchangers or seasoned veterans!

Happy Stitching to All!
Sharon M